At 4.2 million acres, Katmai is the second largest park in the United States. Created in 1918, it is a vast, preserved wilderness filled with soaring peaks, glaciers, volcanoes, lakes, rivers and an extraordinary variety of wildlife. It is stunningly beautiful, and one of the most special places you will ever visit.
The waters within and nearby the national park are part of the Bristol Bay watershed, one of the most thriving aquatic ecosystems in the world. This area is home to the largest salmon runs on earth, and, as tens of millions of these fish make their annual runs upriver to spawn, exceptional numbers of wild native rainbow trout follow, creating angling opportunities that simply don’t exist anywhere else.
We aren’t the only ones who call this magnificent area home. Caribou, lynx, river otters, wolves and fox all live in the surrounding lands. Bald eagles, osprey and spruce grouse are commonly seen. Your companions on many rivers may not be just your angling partner and guide, but the Alaskan brown bears that frolic and fish during the salmon runs. The wildlife is amazing.