Enchanted Lake Lodge Gear And Clothing List

Through years of experience, we know that on the trip of a lifetime, high-quality gear is an essential component of angler success and comfort. 

Rain Jacket: A 100% waterproof, breathable rain jacket designed for fishing is as important in Alaska as your rods and reels. Simms or Patagonia pass the test. 

Base Layers: Good, breathable midweight top and bottom layers are essential. Colder days may require an additional layer. Again, Simms and Patagonia are our preferred brands. Jeans and anything cotton will simply guarantee an uncomfortable day.

Puffy: A down or synthetic puffy is always a good call for cool evening and chillier days. 

Waders: High-end breathable stockingfoot waders are a must. Simms or Patagonia are the best.

Wading Boots: High-end rubber-soled boots. No felt or studded soles. Felt is illegal in Alaska and studs are a no-go in our planes. For those who wish, we have a supply of Simms boots with cleats that are paired with removable overshoes to wear in the planes. 

Wading Socks: 2 or 3 pairs. 

Beanie/Fingerless gloves: If you are coming in September, have both.

Rods, reels and lines:

RodsA 9-ft. 6-weight is ideal for dry fly and nymphs. For bigger rivers, windy days and large streamers you will need a 9 foot 7 or 8-weight. 

ReelsHi-end reels with superb drag systems are a must and just as important as your rod. Think Hatch, Bauer, Ross and the like.

Lines: You will need Weight Forward Floating line for each rod. You can’t go wrong with Scientific Anglers or Rio lines. For the heavier rod, you will need an extra reel or spool with a fast sinking tip. Rio’s In Touch Versitip II has interchangeable tips that will cover all situations. 

Polarized SunglassesQuality sunglasses are essential for sighting fish and safety. The best lens colors are brown and amber. We recommend bringing a second pair as a backup as well as a lens cloth. 

Other Clothing: There’s no need to bring a lot of extra clothing, so pack lightly. The atmosphere at the lodge is casual and relaxed. A pair of shoes or sandals, a couple pair of pants, a few shirts and you’re good to go. Bring a swimsuit for the sauna. 

Luggage: Please use duffels rather than suitcases. They are much easier load and transport in our planes. 

Laundry: Laundry service is not available other than in emergencies. 

Phone/internet: While we view the lodge as a respite from everyday life, we know that realities do exist. Wi-fi is available in the main lodge, as is a satellite phone for essential calls.

What else to bring: Sun screen and lip balm, insect repellant, prescription medicines. 

The suggested tackle and gear are what we believe works best in Alaska. If you have any questions, trust us, we have the answers. Just give us a call or send us an email.