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Looking Back on 2018...

It can be hard to recognize a special moment when you’re in the middle of it, but with every river in the region fishing so well, both guests and guides had moments of clearly realizing how special the fishing was this past season. Another year of strong salmon runs bodes well for the continued health of the region’s trout populations and helped fuel the growth of the areas fish to gigantic proportions. As September began the temperatures rose and skies turned blue, treating guests to the nicest fall weather they had ever seen.

Looking Back on 2017...

With spectacular fishing for fat and healthy fish from opening day on, the stage was set for another legendary year at Enchanted Lake Lodge. Early season streamer fishing was as good as it gets, and with nice dry weather and ideal river levels, guests were treated to one of the best June and July’s in lodge history.

Looking Back on 2016

In the long and storied history of Enchanted Lake Lodge there have been countless spectacular days, and many memorable seasons, but from start to finish the lodge’s 55th season was as good as it’s ever been.  A strong salmon run and ideal weather and water conditions made for an incredible summer of fishing, with many rivers producing more trout than the guide staff had ever seen.

Looking Back on 2015

Enchanted Lake Lodge Fly Fishing

If you were able to choose a theme for a season of fishing in Alaska, blue skies and a record-breaking-sized fish wouldn’t be a bad choice.  Enchanted Lake Lodge’s 54th year of operation will be remembered for just those things, as gorgeous weather and a 35½”x19” trout made lasting impressions.

A Look Back on 2014

Enchanted Lake Lodge’s 53rd year of operation will be remembered for its beautiful weather, the number of truly giant rainbows caught, and its recognition by Andrew Harper’s prestigious travel agency as one of the best luxury fishing lodges in the world.

Early Season Fishing in Alaska

Here at Enchanted Lake Lodge, we love nothing more than showing our guests the incredible fishing, scenery, wildlife and setting that only Alaska can offer.  Each year many of our potential travelers tend to flock towards the middle of the summer and the months that tend to be more “broadcasted” than the shoulder seasons of early and late summer. While mid-summer (July – August) can be spectacular, there are a few things that every potential Alaskan angler should keep in mind when considering the timing for their next trip.

A Look Back on 2013

We knew the summer of 2013 would be a year to remember…

With record June and July temperatures throughout the Katmai region, the only thing more spectacular than the weather was the fishing. The water temperatures and stream levels were essentially perfect, so the rainbows of Katmai were on a feeding frenzy from opening day until the end of the season.

The Fishing...

A Look Back on 2012

Record-breaking snowfall and a late spring made for a chilly start to the season, but snowbanks and cold water didn’t slow down the incredible early season fishing. Rivers like the Brooks and Ida Vein had world-class dry fly fishing that was impressive even by Alaskan standards.

A Look Back on 2011

As Enchanted Lake Lodge celebrated its 50th year of operation, we were reminded how important our clients have been to the success of the lodge. We were also reminded how lucky we are to be situated at the epicenter of the best trout fishing in the world.

An early spring, and huge caddis hatches on the American Creek and Brooks River, made for spectacular dry fly fishing right from the opening week. The Brooks, in particular, experienced consistent hatches that helped the river fish better than it had in years.