The Seasons


When the lodge opens in June, anglers can expect superb fishing. After a long winter, the trout are in aggressive feeding mode and visibly chase down migrating salmon fry. This is exciting stuff. The streamer fishing is simply spectacular. June also provides great sight fishing with dry flies and nymphs to match the early season hatches.




Egg fishing is the game. Trout position themselves below spawning salmon and eat the drifting eggs, making sight fishing an exciting proposition. While the fishing is incredible, so too are the sights of eagles and bears feeding on salmon. Great fishing, warm temps and staggering views of the salmon run all make August an amazing month to be here.


July sees the rivers fill with sockeye salmon. Sight fishing with dries and nymphs is excellent, and the streamer fishing on the larger rivers continues to be red hot. As the month progresses, we begin to use egg patterns and explore small streams that were devoid of trout before the arrival of the salmon. As with June, July is a month of variety.



With trout heavy and fat from gorging on salmon eggs, September is the month to target truly huge fish. As the sockeye die-off and the rivers thin out, egg fishing can still be great, but now streamers truly come back into play. If your mantra is “tug is the drug,” this is the time be here. The temps are cooler, but the fall scenery and monster trout offset that nicely.