What To Bring

Fly fishing in Southwestern Alaska can place great demands on your tackle and clothing unlike any other destination. Due to the variety of weather conditions on the Alaska Peninsula, it is best to bring comfortable clothing for temperatures ranging from 35 to 75 degrees. At Enchanted Lake Lodge we do offer those guests that don't already own the suggested waders, wading shoes, rods, reels, packs, or wading staffs the opportunity to use ours at no cost. Also included in the price of the trip are flies, beads, leaders, and all licenses. The lodge loaner equipment is of the finest quality, and is made by the top names in the business. We do not furnish rain jackets or under wader clothing. If you already own the proper equipment, we suggest that you bring it on the trip. Your personal equipment will be more familiar adding to your enjoyment on the stream.


Wader technology has come a long way in the last decade with the introduction of the "breathable" wader. The first Gore-Tex waders did have their problems - however, the new models are near perfect. The biggest advantage of Gore-Tex over other wader material is that it breathes; this allows you to remain comfortable on hikes to and from your fishing destinations. They are also lighter and more convenient to pack than other waders. In our opinion, the best Gore-Tex waders are made by Simms - www.simmsfishing.com

We recommend that you bring stocking foot waders with a pair of quality RUBBER SOLE wading shoes. The State of Alaska outlawed the use of felt soles in 2012. PLEASE DO NOT BRING STUDDED SOLES OF ANY TYPE. They tear up the floats and interior of the airplanes, and damage the decks on the lodge and cabins. For safety, we recommend you use a wading staff and wear a wading belt at all times.


As we all know, there is nothing more uncomfortable under our waders than a pair of jeans or pants that chafe and bind. We recommend that you wear mid-weight long underwear bottoms and/or fleece pants under your waders. For warm days, you will want to wear only the long underwear bottoms, while the colder days will require fleece pants or both. On the upper body, we recommend a similar system. A mid-weight long underwear top, with a fleece jacket for colder days. Avoid cotton.


This could be the item of greatest importance to your comfort during your trip. Those made with Gore-Tex are best for our conditions. They do breathe and keep you dry even in the worst conditions. We recommend those by Simms or Patagonia. No Alaskan goes anywhere without good raingear.


Since a large portion of our fishing is to sighted fish, you must have a quality pair of polarized sunglasses. The best lens colors for our conditions is either brown or amber. Besides assisting you in spotting fish, they also provide necessary safety while casting. A spare set is never a bad idea.


  • Rods: a 9 to 9.5 foot 5 or 6 weight and a 9 to 9.5 foot 7 or 8 weight for larger rivers.

  • Reels: a quality reel with a strong drag and at least 150 yards of backing. If we could only choose one reel it would be those made by Hatch - http://www.hatchoutdoors.com.

  • Lines: a weight forward, floating line is the most commonly used line. We also recommend that you have an extra spool with a sinking tip line for the 7 or 8 weight rod (June, July, and September). Our favorite sinking tip line is the Rio Versa tip with interchangeable heads.


We carry a complete line of flies designed and tied by our guides specifically for our area. These flies and egg imitations are included in your package. Should you choose to tie or purchase your own, we will be glad to answer any questions you might have.


While at the lodge, the atmosphere is informal, so please bring casual clothes that are comfortable and practical. You will be in waders most of the day, so you will not need a large assortment of clothes for meals at the lodge. Other items to include are personal items such as prescription medicines, and a waterproof camera. Please try to limit the amount of luggage you bring and please use duffel bag type luggage, rather than suitcases, as they are much easier to load and transport in our aircraft.


Due to our remote location, laundry service is not available other than in emergencies.


At Enchanted Lake Lodge we do our very best to make sure that our guests have the trip of a lifetime. No detail is spared at the lodge to assure your comfort and safety. Please remember you are by no means required to purchase all of this equipment. The suggested tackle and clothing mentioned here is what we have found to work best for our fishing conditions. If you have any further questions or concerns, Please do not hesitate to call us at (907) 694-6447 and we will be happy to assist you.